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Our In-House Machine Shop Advantage

For more than 130 years, our customers have trusted the high-quality machine shop work of Cast Technologies. We have built and maintained our reputation by consistently providing high-quality parts, all cast and machined to precise specifications. Our in-house machine shop plays a pivotal role in making sure we continue to provide the quality, price, flexibility and speed our customers expect.

At Cast Technologies, we put a lot of thought into combining services so we can best meet our customers’ needs. Our professional staff, equipment, materials and processes are what make us an industry leader trusted by several Fortune 500 companies.

Why Do Cast Metals Require Machining Services?

Cast Technologies takes great pride in its metal casting— bronze casting, brass casting, sand casting, green sand casting and mold casting — and we understand how to combine metal casting with machining, when necessary, to produce fine detailing not possible with casting alone. Some foundries send this work out to a separate, independent machine shop.

However, having complete in-house CNC machining capabilities right in the foundry offers a significant advantage to our customers. By having both the foundry and a precision machine shop at the same location and under the same control, we have the ability to more easily offer high-quality, precise parts to meet your exact specifications. We cast it, we machine it, and we take full responsibility for making sure both processes are done right the first time.

Advantages of An In-House Machine Shop Vs. An Outside Vendor

There are many advantages of utilizing an in-house machine shop versus machining parts at an outside facility. Consider these factors:

  • Our CNC machining lends itself to vastly improved quality control. When we handle both parts of the job, you have no worries about lost time machining a bad casting or machining a good casting incorrectly.
  • The vertical integration between our foundry and machining teams allows for immediate, real-time response to an ever-changing production environment. This strategic advantage allows Cast Technologies instantaneous flexibility to meet changes in our customers’ requirements, leading to a faster delivery time.
  • We cast it, we machined it and we are responsible for it!
  • Cast Technologies focuses on providing cost-effective, quality castings, on-time and on-budget. Our in-house machine shop is operational with a variety of equipment to get the job done right the first time!

What Are the Capabilities of the Machine Shop at Cast Technologies?

The CNC shop at Cast Technologies has numerous highly versatile machining capabilities, with the space, machines and expert know-how required to fabricate the metal parts you need. Talk to us about these capabilities and how we can work with you:

  • CNC aluminum: The Cast Technologies CNC machine shop can machine any aluminum part we cast.
  • CNC cutting: We can cut any of our metals using several different machining technologies.
  • CNC fabrication: Talk to us about our metal fabrication services.
  • CNC Milling: We have the tools and expertise for all of your CNC Milling needs.
  • CNC design: We can provide expert design help.
  • CNC metal: Ask us for a list of the metals we pour. See our Material Data Sheet.
  • CNC engineer: Our in-house expertise includes advanced engineering.
  • CNC prototype: We can partner with you in developing your prototype design.
  • Prototype machining: If you need to have a prototype machined, or if you need help designing your prototype, ask us for a quote.
  • CNC rapid prototyping: Ask us for a quote for your CNC rapid prototyping.

Our Cast Metal Capabilities

As the largest aluminum and brass/bronze foundry in Illinois, we have the capability to produce small castings of under a pound up to larger components weighing hundreds of pounds. We pour over 30 different brass and bronze alloys, so we can meet the needs of a wide variety of industries. Cast technologies has invested in the environmental equipment that allows us to safely and responsibly work with all of these alloys.

State-of-the-Art Equipment to Cast Brass/Bronze

The majority of our copper-based product is produced in our green sand foundry. Pouring for all lines is done with a hooded ladle on an overhead track system. We also use the best available aluminum molding machinery. For a full list of our equipment, check out our foundry page.

3D Printing Opens New Possibilities in Casting

3D printing of sand molds is a cutting-edge technology that can produce intricate and detailed casts. Often, this technology is both faster and cheaper. Talk to us about what technology is the right one for the job.

Trust In Our Experience and Expertise

Are you still in the engineering phase of developing your prototype? We are here to help. We’ve been doing this for more than 100 years. Our experience and expertise are at your disposal.

What Makes Cast Technologies A World-Class Foundry and Machine Shop?

The CNC shop at Cast Technologies has numerous highly versatile machining capabilities, with the capacity, machines and expert know-how required to fabricate the metal parts you need. We’ve added capabilities to allow us to make parts needed by a wide variety of industries. Equipment in our 25,000-square-foot CNC machine shop includes:

  • 23 CNC machines
  • Two Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) save time and money by producing highly accurate and precise measurements, useful in reverse-engineering, testing and inspecting
  • Design analysis and modeling completed in-house using Solidworks
  • Two submersion pressure test tanks 36″ x 36″ x 72″
  • One portable measurement arm with a 9-foot range
  • Six Mori-Seiki SH500 horizontal machining centers, 23″ x 23″ x 26″
  • Mori-Seiki SL-250, SL-300, & SL-25B CNC Lathes, 10 Chuck
  • Makino A61 MMC 3 Machines 40 pallets, 500MM (19.7″) 28″ x 28″ x 25″
  • Makino A61NX, 1 Machine, 2 Pallets, 500MM (19.7″) 28.7″ x 25.6″ x 31.5″
  • Two Mazak Nexus 510-C vertical machining centers 40″x 20″ x 16″
  • Two Fadal VMC 4020 vertical machining centers 40″x 20″ x 18″
  • Doosan DNM750 vertical machining centers 64″ x 30″x 25.6″
  • Doosan DNM750L vertical machining centers 85″ x 30″x 25.6″
  • Doosan 5700 vertical machining center 40″ x 21.3″x 20.1″
  • Okuma Howa ACT-20 CNC lathe 10 Chuck
  • Hyundai-Kia SKT-21L CNC lathe 10 Chuck

We Have Value-Added Services

We work with trusted partners to provide value-added services such as pressure testing, painting, heat treating and other related services. However, if you have a preferred provider of such services, we will work with the company of your choice.

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What is CNC Machining?

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, is an advanced technical process in which a computer controls the movement of tools. Before any part is machined, a programmer writes code to control the machine’s every movement, making for more precise and higher-quality machining than could ever be provided by old fashioned hand-controlled machinery. The software determines every movement and speed. The automation may include any of a number of different processes, including lathe or laser machining. Automated CNC machining is necessary for many castings in order to provide a good finished part, including the production of fine detailing not possible with casting alone.

How do you evaluate CNC Machining Quality?

We are proud of our quality record and will happily share it with you at any time. Cast Technologies will exceed your expectations. We invite you to read our Quality Policy Statement.

What Quality Control Measures Does Cast Technologies Use?

We hold ourselves to the strictest quality requirements and procedures. Because of the nature of the work done in a foundry and machine shop, safety and quality go hand-in-hand. That’s why we maintain comprehensive safety and quality procedures. In addition, we inspect every part we cast and/or machine to ensure it meets strict tolerance requirements. Cast Technologies has invested in technology that allows us to submit each product to stringent quality tests before we ship it out. We are happy to provide in-depth details of our quality control measures.

How Can I Get A Quote From Cast Technologies?

We make it easy to work with us. Our knowledgeable, expert team will be glad to provide a quote upon request. In order to process your quote in a timely manner, we ask that the following information be included in your request:

  • 3D model (Solidworks 3D CAD, Parasolid, STEP, or IGES)
  • 2D prints
  • Part weight
  • Material specification and quality requirements
  • Estimated annual usage or purchase lots
  • Quote due date

We’re Ready To Work Together

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