The Cast Technologies Quality Pledge:

Cast Technologies is committed to developing and maintaining the company by focusing on utilizing continuous improvement and innovation to provide the highest attainable level of excellence and value to the customer. Performance measures will be documented and reviewed against goals at defined intervals for the purpose of defect prevention, reduction of variation and overall benefit to the customer, end user and ourselves. Cast Technologies will continually review and understand customer needs and expectations and enhance processes and systems to serve the customer. A multidisciplinary approach will be utilized to accommodate changing customer needs and assist the customer in establishing and achieving higher standards.

We will strive to achieve increased market share by excelling in complete customer satisfaction and customer responsiveness. Cost competitiveness, on-time delivery and defect-free product is understood as both the expectation and right of the customer. The above objectives are communicated to all employees, in all areas of the organization. All employees are expected to fulfill their responsibilities within the company’s policies, procedures and work instructions and are encouraged to propose changes if a need for improvement is evident for any reason.

Foundry Credentials & Certifications