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Industry Leading Casting Technology & Engineering

As a world-class foundry, Cast Technologies is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest-quality possible cast aluminum, bronze and brass components. We’ve designed our business to exceed customer expectations by combining the largest aluminum and brass foundry in the state with on-site machining and testing equipment, by investing in the best casting technology machinery and equipment, and by maintaining a professional workforce that focuses on quality. Yet another way we serve our customers is by partnering with trusted outside vendors who are able to add extra value to our offerings.

3D Sand Printing Capabilities

One of the newest and most exciting advances in casting technology is the ability to print 3D sand molds and cores. We work with a partner to produce a highly accurate mold in significantly less time than via traditional methods. More intricate and complex shapes are possible as well. This casting technology is especially useful to replace old, lost patterns or to reverse-engineer an outdated part. If you’re on a tight schedule, 3D printing can speed the process of completing a prototype. Talk to us about this cutting-edge technology.

Engineering Support

You can depend on the expert knowledge we at Cast Technologies have developed in our long history as a machining shop and metals castings foundry. Our expert workforce has formulated the most effective processes and procedures with a goal of manufacturing the highest quality components at the best price. We are here for you when you need to tap into outside expertise on things like casting, manufacturing, metallurgy, alloys and other aspects of metalcraft.

Your Success Is Our Success

It is the goal of Cast Technologies to forge long-lasting business relationships with our clients. We don’t just make casts and components; we seek to understand the needs of you and your industry so we can make parts that enable you to manufacture the high-quality machinery and other goods that make your business a success. We cannot be successful without making our customers successful.

Developing A Prototype?

There is both an art and a science to the process. Choosing the ideal alloy for your application, the type of casting, the design of the gating and runner system and submitting the prototype to a stringent round of testing are all part of the process. An optimal gating and runner design means less waste and ultimately lower cost. The goal is high product quality, reduced cost and improved yield, no matter what industry you work in. Through collaboration, we can design your ideal prototype.

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Our Pressure Testing Process

We do machine-complete pressure testing as required. Our testing is on-site so we know everything produced is high-quality and meets your — and our — high standards. We have a detailed quality control process in place for everything we make. As part of this, we test for leaks using two submersion pressure test tanks, sized 36′′ x 36′′x 72′′. We are proud of our quality record and are happy to share it with you at any time.

X-Ray Testing/Add Particle Testing

We offer additional testing options.

More Casting Technology & Value-Added Services

We have a network of partners or we can work with any supplier you designate. With these partners, we can also provide:

  • Solidification analysis: Different alloys subjected to different processes can yield different results. A solidification analysis considers the chemical composition, temperature and other variables in order to predict the behavior of the metal. We have a partner who can perform this analysis if needed.
  • Heat Treatment Services: For some castings, heat treating can enhance the desired qualities of the casting. Different alloys meant for various uses can benefit from any of various treatments, including quenching, annealing, case hardening, tempering and age hardening. Not every casting requires heat treatment. Any of these treatments can be chosen to alter the properties of the metal. Talk to us about whether your castings would benefit from heat treatment.
  • Impregnation Services: Some castings benefit by impregnation of the metal with a resin that will cure in such a way as to fill the pores of the metal, helping the casting become pressure-tight.
  • Painting and Specialty Coatings: Painting or specialty coating may be chosen for either aesthetic or functional reasons. If painting or a specialty coating is desired for your component, we can arrange this with our partners.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Our casting technology is just one reason Cast Technologies is trusted by multiple Fortune 500 companies and a wide variety of industries. Let’s talk. Together, we can make a plan for exactly what processes and materials are appropriate for the components you need. Collaboration makes everything better. Contact us today for a quote.