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The heart of Cast Technologies is our casting foundry. We specialize in producing high-quality casting. To do this, we’ve chosen the best industrial equipment available. Paired with our experienced workforce, quality materials and strict quality-control procedures, we are confident that we produce the very best cast aluminum, brass and bronze components available anywhere.

What Cast Technologies Can Do For You

Cast Technologies is both the largest aluminum sand foundry and the largest brass and bronze sand casting foundry in Illinois. As such, we can produce a wide range of castings in all these metals, ranging in size from under one pound to hundreds of pounds. Our ability to pour over 30 different brass and bronze alloys sets us apart from many of our competitors.

We can meet any challenge our customers bring to us. We will collaborate with you to make sure your component is produced with the exact characteristics, quality and strength you need.

Our Brass and Bronze Casting Expertise

We have been pouring brass since 1887 and today we pour more than 30 different brass and bronze alloys. One of these is low-leaded brass, which we have been pouring since its inception. We have placed stringent controls in place to maintain a physical separation between the ladles and liners used to produce “no-lead brass” and those used for other alloys.

With a whole range of manufacturing equipment and a crew of dedicated craftspeople, we are confident we can fabricate virtually any aluminum, brass or bronze component you need.

  • We can produce components ranging in size from mere ounces to hundreds of pounds.
  • We can supply components as cast or complete to print.
  • Design analysis and modeling is done in-house using Solidworks.

Our Brass and Bronze Casting Foundry Equipment

Almost our entire copper-based product is produced in our green sand foundry. Molding options include:

  • Hunter 14″ x 19″ HMP 10 molding machine: This is the workhorse of the industry. Like the Sintos, it features quick pattern changes and feeds an automated pallet line.
  • Sinto 20″ x 24″ FBO molding machines: The larger plate size accommodates bigger parts than the Hunter. However, like the Hunter, pattern changes are quick. We have two Sintos which feed automated pallet lines.
  • Osborne 30″ x 32″ Cope and Drag molding line: These jolt/squeeze manual molding machines make large green sand molds which are fed onto a manual pallet line.
  • Pouring for all lines is done with a hooded ladle on an overhead track system.

What Is the Advantage of Green Sand Casting?

Green sand casting is an ancient technology still used today. It is an economical, efficient and versatile casting material that can produce highly detailed components. It will leave a slightly rough surface, so machining is usually required to finish the parts. Fortunately, our on-site CNC machine shop works hand-in-hand with our casting foundry. Cast Technologies has six furnaces with collection and 100,000 pounds per day capacity.

We Do No-Bake And Air Set Casting, Too

Any component you can make using green sand can also be made using no-bake molding, also known as air set. However, no-bake has some capabilities that green sand molding does not. It is a good choice for more complex components. If no-bake or air set casting is the method best suited for the parts you need us to fabricate, our casting foundry has the capabilities you need.

Green Sand, No-Bake Or Other Casting Methods

Talk to us. Our experienced team is happy to discuss your individual situation. Depending on the level of complexity, the cost, the size of the production run planned and other factors, we will help you determine the manufacturing process that will give you the desired results at the best price. We have multiple process options in our casting foundry and can work with you to decide the process and equipment that will give you exactly the product you need.

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Our Aluminum Sand Casting Offerings

Cast Technologies is your expert aluminum sand casting provider. Our aluminum casting abilities include:

  • We produce automated green sand molding up to the dimensions 20″ x 24″ or 14″ x 19″.
  • Our cope/drag (top/bottom) capacity for green sand is 30″ x 32″.
  • Our no-bake capability encompasses components of up to 750 pounds and 10 feet in length.
  • We can supply components as cast or complete to print.
  • Design analysis and modeling is done in-house utilizing Solidworks.

We Offer An Array of Alloys and Can Help You Choose the Right One

Cast Technologies casts a large number of alloys, each with its own strengths. If you’re putting together a prototype and are unsure which alloy would work best for your application, talk to us. We have expertise across multiple different industries and can collaborate with you as you finalize your design.

Aluminum alloys we cast include:

  • 319
  • 355
  • A356
  • 443
  • 712
  • 713
  • B852
  • A206

Our Aluminum Foundry Equipment

Our aluminum product can be produced with:

  • Two 20″ x 24″ Sinto FBO automated molding machines feeding two automated pallet lines
  • One 14″ x 19″ Hunter HMP10 automated molding machine feeding an automated pallet line
  • One Osborne 30″ x 32″ Cope & Drag manual molding machine feeding a manual pallet line
  • Three remote-control crane ladle system to all four mold lines for aluminum and brass

For No-Bake

  • Eight furnaces total with two melting/pouring furnaces
  • Remote control crane with heated ladle system

For Molding:

Modern molding machines make casting safer and easier while producing higher quality moldings.

  • Kloster 300 pounds/minute mixer feeding a roller conveyor line
  • Kloster 1000 pounds/minute mixer feeding floor molding line

For Core Making:

Using a core allows a molded part to have an internal cavity. In some cases, the core is a one-use item that must be destroyed in order to remove it from the newly cast part. We have multiple core-making machines to allow us to custom make these items as needed.

  • One Palmer mixer/blower core-making machine
  • Two Demmler hotbox core-making machines
  • One Harrison hotbox core-making machine

Our History of Safety and Quality

At Cast Technologies, we believe safety and quality go hand-in-hand. Maintaining a safe, well-ordered workplace with high standards is the best way to produce high-quality products that always meet our customers’ most stringent tolerances. Cast Technologies places a very high value on worker safety, environmental protection and quality control. We have invested in the environmental equipment to safely and responsibly pour leaded materials.
We also have the equipment to machine and pressure test in-house, leading to higher-quality parts for you. It is this testing equipment and our procedures that allow us to stand behind our work with confidence. Talk to us about our Quality Record. We will happily share it with you at any time!

See What Sets Cast Technologies Apart?

Do you need a supplier of high-quality cast aluminum, brass or bronze components? Find out why we are the foundry and machine shop multiple Fortune 500 companies turn to for precision components. Contact us for a quote on your project today.