Top 9 Industries That Use Casting In 2022
Top 9 Industries That Use Casting In 2022

Top 9 Industries That Use Casting In 2022

Metal casting involves making objects by pouring molten metal into a mold cavity. The metal cools and hardens, taking the shape of the mold. Some standard casting processes include investment casting, lost wax casting, die casting, plaster casting, sand casting, centrifugal casting, permanent mold, and plaster casting. Having the metal casting process explained can take time but the important part to understand is that casting with liquid metal is a less expensive method of manufacturing pieces than machining the parts out of solid metal.

Therefore, metal casting processes have become central to industrial operations as it is through these processes that energy-efficient customized metal products are produced at scale. Below we share some of the industrial sectors that rely most on casting in 2022.

Top Casting Industries: Automobile Industry

Cast iron parts are crucial components in automobiles. While many parts are created with cast iron, the engine block must be made of premium-grade cast iron or aluminum alloy. These parts add reliability and performance to the car, as the engine contains the primary components that make up an automobile’s bottom.

Besides aluminum and iron castings, manufacturers are using die castings made of zinc and magnesium to produce safe, clean vehicles that consume less fuel and emit less harmful gases. Therefore, the casting industry plays a significant role in the automobile industry while helping conserve energy and ensure safety.

Marine Industry

Working in the maritime industry means contending with a hazardous environment at sea and port. From extreme temperatures, heavy rains, and swells, there is a need to stay protected at all times. The casting industry produces an assortment of high-quality protected metal products for the marine industry.

Some primary metals used in the marine industry include stainless steel, aluminum, and alloys. The most common alloys used for casted marine-grade items contain copper, bronze, and aluminum. Copper alloys are common in valves, propellers, heat tubing, piping, and pumps. Copper alloys are especially applicable because they are easy to form, durable, and its high thermal conductivity. Furthermore, there is a lower likelihood of marine animals attaching to copper. Different alloys can build other parts, and the strength of these alloys can increase with the addition of zinc.


The construction industry is also highly dependent on cast iron. Cast iron is extremely sturdy, which is why it is commonly used in building and construction.

Castings are often used for foundational components such as bases and columns. They are also used in utility holes and manhole covers, gates, and cisterns. Cast iron is also used in the manufacture of pipes because it is corrosion resistant and has excellent tensile and compressive strength. In addition, it is used in buildings, bridges, and long-standing structures because of its excellent load-bearing capacities.

Oil, Gas and Mining

Casting has many applications in the mining industry. The most common metal in the industry is alloyed cast iron. It has been used to make wheel hubs and clamping rings for trucks and shakers, crushers, and piston shafts. Cast iron is used here for its reliability and resilience.

Interestingly, the mining and casting industries are heavily interdependent. The casting industry relies on the iron industry to get the required metals, while the mining industry relies on the casting industry for cast iron accessories and parts. As a result, cast iron ensures minimal wear and tear and mechanical fatigue, which provides value for money and economic efficiency.

Military and Defense

Think of military vehicles, firearms, and gear. These can survive the harshest of conditions, thanks to cast components. While some machines cannot survive long periods without use, military equipment can stay long periods without being used and still achieve peak performance.

Cast components in military and defense include trigger guards, spare parts, pistol grips, joysticks for drone planes, hammers, gun triggers, and sights. Besides the military components being long-lasting, they are also affordable and can be made quickly and to precision because of the use of cast metals.


Steel, titanium, aluminum, and their alloys are all used in aviation. Aluminum alloys have lower density values than steel alloys and have good corrosion resistance. Aluminum is also used to make fixtures such as seats, doors, and cabinetry.

Steel is another key aviation metal. Valued for its resistance to high temperatures, hardness, and durability, it is used to make parts such as hinges, fasteners, aircraft skin, and cables.


The agricultural industry is responsible for putting food on our tables. However, the sector needs agricultural equipment to perform in strenuous conditions. Investment casting is one of the most popular manufacturing processes that produce casted metals for agriculture. Investment casting works because it can yield results in a short time, reduces waste, and is efficient and inexpensive. Therefore, manufacturers can produce durable machines that can withstand heavy agricultural applications.

Cast metals used for agriculture need to be able to work in the harshest environmental conditions, and investment casting ensures the parts are durable, detailed, and with a considerable life span. Parts produced from this process are also corrosion-resistant and have high-load bearing properties crucial when in the field. Furthermore, investment casting is inexpensive, allows for faster production, and is convenient and affordable for the agricultural industry.

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As you can see, metal casting has applications across many industries. Without metal casting, the world would not be as it is today in terms of machinery; and if it were, it would mean that everything from the parts to the finished products would be more expensive. Therefore, if you are looking for a cast metal object of any sort, you must work with a manufacturer that understands the science of metal casting.

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