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CNC Milling Services

Are you after a high-precision machining process that will enable you to get that custom part, product, or prototype in the shortest duration? Here at Cast Technologies, we have the perfect solution for you, our CNC milling process that will hasten how you bring those ideas to reality.



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With our CNC milling services, you are guaranteed of:


  • Fast prototype turnaround
  • High-quality and precise parts and prototypes
  • Low minimum order quantity (MOQ)
  • A massive range of materials, both metals, and plastics


What Is CNC Milling?


Computer numerical control milling, or CNC milling, is a computer-controlled machining process that uses rotating multi-point cutting tools to produce products from a solid block or single piece of material. Since this process works by removing material from surfaces with high accuracy, it is ideal for making curves, shapes, slots, and flat surfaces from solid materials such as hard plastics, glass, metal, and wood.

Unlike manual milling, CNC milling uses computerized controls and rotating cutting tools to shape the stock material and create a custom part or product. For fast and efficient deliveries, we have a straightforward process that involves the following:


  • Receiving/Designing a CAD Model

Every CNC machining project starts when we receive the CAD models based on your needs and design ideas. You will need to design a 2D or 3D CAD model of the final part or product you want and send it to us. Ensure the CAD model contains information on the critical features/elements/dimensions you want for the design.


  • Programming the CAD Model

We will then program the 2D or 3D model to a CNC-compatible file format. This will ensure we have a file that can direct the movements of the CNC milling machine to create the product as per the specifications provided.


  • Executing the CNC Program

Next, our CNC machinists will set up and initiate the milling process, paying close attention to ensure the CNC program is executed per your requirements. We will ensure the right CNC machine is used for your project, whether it requires a vertical or a horizontal milling machine to create the desired shape, pattern, holes, or any other cuttings.


  • Post-processing Checks and Surface Finishes

Once the cutting process is done, our CNC machinists will check the sample to ensure it meets the standards you expect before any required surface finishes can be initiated.


  • Packaging and Shipping

After ensuring everything meets your requirements, we will package your parts or prototypes and ship them to you.


Our CNC Milling Operations

As one of the leading CNC milling service providers in Illinois and across the US, we offer a broad range of milling solutions to suit the diverse needs of our clients. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, and our workshop currently includes the following:


  • Vertical Milling Machines

These CNC milling machines have a vertically oriented spindle axis, and the cutting tool is fixed on the main shaft and rotates on its axis. The cutting operation can be controlled by extending the rotating spindle or raising or lowering the table for precise undercutting and milling.


  • Horizontal Milling Machines

These CNC milling machines have cutting tools mounted on horizontal spindles and in-built rotary tables for milling at different angles.


  • Multi-axis CNC Milling Machines

These CNC milling machines have more than three linear axes and can cut a workpiece in any direction as they can move horizontally and vertically (A &B) as well as along the W, X, Y, and Z axis. Our CNC machines also have automatic tool changers allowing different tools to be used on a workpiece without changing them manually.

Therefore, you can count on us for all types of CNC milling operations, including:


Plain Milling

This milling process utilizes plain milling cutters that are parallel to the machined material. Also, depending on the needs at hand, wide and narrow cutters can be used for large surface areas and to achieve deeper cuts.


Face Milling

Here the milling cutter is placed perpendicularly to the surface/material being machined. Due to its interchangeable cutter inserts, it delivers high-quality surface finishes.


Angular Milling

This milling operation uses single-angle milling cutters to create angular features on a workpiece.


Gang Milling

Here, two cutting tools are used simultaneously to make cuts on a workpiece, helping reduce the time of the milling process.


Form Milling

This milling process best works on irregular surfaces and uses specially designed cutters such as corner-rounding cutters.


Side Milling

This milling process is widely used for creating flat vertical cuts in a workpiece.


Slot Milling

Here we use a CNC milling machine whose cutting tool has a width that is less than the workpiece to make a slot in the workpiece.


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Benefits of Our CNC Milling Process


High Accuracy and Precision

We have top-of-the-line CNC mills with rotating carousels that can hold different tools, which are automatically exchanged during machining operations. As a result, we can easily create parts per their technical specifications while maintaining very tight tolerances. This automated process further reduces the chances of human errors while our CNC machinists ensure the right CNC program is generated and loaded.


Great Range of Compatible Materials

Our CNC milling operations are compatible with a great range of materials, including plastics, metals, and composites. This makes it a suitable option for most projects that require a part or product from a block of material.


Fast and Efficient

Unlike manual mills, our CNC mills are fast and efficient, making them an excellent choice for all projects, including aerospace, electronics, medical, and the automotive industry.


Highly Qualified CNC Mill Operators

Every CNC machinist on our team is highly qualified and has the expertise to work on the most complicated project and deliver perfection. Therefore, by choosing Cast Technologies, you are guaranteed top-tier services that will meet and exceed your expectations.


The CNC Milling Experts You Can Always Count On

As one of the leading machine shops in the United States, we offer high-value custom manufacturing services with the guidance of seasoned experts who will instantly fabricate the parts/prototypes that you need. Avoid unnecessary trials and errors by working with one of Illinois’s oldest and most experienced casting and machining businesses. 

Contact Cast Technologies today to get started on your custom project.