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Looking for a bespoke manufacturing process that can be used to achieve a prototype of any desired shape or for full mass productions? At Cast Technologies, we have perfected our CNC machining operations, giving you the advantages of speed, precision, and costs for your product development needs.

With our CNC Machining processes, you are guaranteed of:

  • High precision customizations
  • Fast turnaround
  • Wide range of raw materials
  • Outstanding surface finishes
  • Unlimited order quantity
  • Full-strength parts

Our CNC Machining Operations

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing process used to create parts and prototypes from solid material using sawing and cutting tools, such as circular saws, abrasive wheels, rotating cutters, and power hack saws to remove unwanted material and shape the workpiece. The modern machining tools used for these operations are computer-controlled, using CAD design models to map out the tool paths and create the desired shape from various solid materials.

Unlike other alternatives, such as rapid prototyping, machining processes use real materials and have a tighter tolerance, allowing for the creation of finished parts with real densities. It gets better as these parts can undergo further finishing operations for an appealing, market/test-ready part that suits your project needs.

With so many machining techniques around, we have gone the extra mile to ensure we provide you with a one-stop machine shop for all your requirements. Currently, our machining operations cover the following:



This machining operation uses a lathe, which spins the workpiece as cutting tools move across it along two axes of motion, removing unwanted material. The turning process can be used for machining the exterior or interior of a solid material, depending on the design or shape desired.



Milling involves using a rotating cutting surface to remove material from a workpiece. Typically, milling machines have moveable tables where the workpiece is placed, and the milling tools can be moveable or stationary. There are two types of milling: face milling, which is a machining process used for smoothing the surface of a workpiece and slab milling, which is used for machining wide flat surfaces or making planar cuts on a workpiece.



Drilling is a machining process that uses drill bits to create holes in solid materials. For the best results, drill presses are commonly used for this operation; however, the drilling tools can also be placed into lathes. After drilling, boring or reaming comes as the next step and is used to bring the dimension of the hole to an acceptable tolerance.



Sawing uses cut-off machines for shortening workpieces from metallic bars to extruded shapes. Common sawing tools include vertical and horizontal band saws, abrasive wheel saws, power hacks, and circular saws. When sawing, softer materials such as aluminum alloys require a cutting speed of at least 1000fpm, while high-temperature alloys require a much lower cutting speed of around 30fpm.



Grinding is a machining process that improves the finish and the tolerance on flat surfaces and cylindrical shapes by removing unwanted material. Cylindrical and surface grinding tools are used in this process often as the first step before further finishing operations such as honing and lapping can be performed.



This is one of the most conventional machining operations that involve using a broach to produce square holes, keyways, cylindrical holes, and spline holes, among others. A broach is essentially a cutting tool with many teeth arranged sequentially, and when pulled or pushed through a leader hole, it creates the desired form.



Planing is a machining process primarily used for shaping large flat surfaces. In a planar machine, the shaping tool remains stationary while the workpiece moves back and forth. This process is widely used when scrapping will be used as a finishing method.

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Why Choose Our CNC Machining Services


High Accuracy and Precision

We have invested in top-of-the-line CNC machines and other types of machining tools. As a result, we can easily create the simplest or the most complex parts per your technical specifications while maintaining very tight tolerances. You will further love that we have very high manufacturing standards and machining techniques, enabling us to approach every project from the right angle and deliver as expected. Most importantly, we adhere to strict quality assurance and quality control standards that always result in customer satisfaction.


Cost Effective

Our extensive manufacturing history and capacity to handle any kind of project has seen us develop a pocket-friendly pricing strategy that will see you get top value for your money. Whether you need a few prototypes or have an idea that is ripe for mass production, you can always count on us to make those ideas a reality at market friendly rates.


Great Range of Compatible Materials and Finishing Variety

Our CNC machining operations are compatible with a great range of materials, including plastics, metals, and composites. This makes it a suitable option for most projects that require a part or product from a block of solid material. Our machining and milling operations can also accommodate a broad range of finishing varieties, delivering a part/prototype that is functional and appealing to the eye.


Fast and Efficient

Our machining operations are fast and efficient as they are highly automated and utilize conventional methodologies. This makes our manufacturing services an excellent choice for all types of projects and sectors including aerospace, electronics, medical, and the automotive industry. Therefore, regardless of how short your deadlines are, our fast turnarounds will help ensure everything runs as per your schedule.


Highly qualified CNC mill operators

Every CNC machinist on our team is highly qualified and has the expertise to work on the most complicated project and deliver perfection. Therefore, by choosing Cast Technologies, you are guaranteed top-tier services that will meet and exceed your expectations.


The CNC Machining Experts You Can Always Count On

As one of the leading machine shops in the United States, we offer high-value custom manufacturing services with the guidance of seasoned experts who will instantly fabricate the parts/prototypes that you need. Avoid unnecessary trials and errors by working with one of Illinois’s oldest and most experienced casting and machining businesses. 

Contact Cast Technologies today, and let’s get started.