Using Our CNC Machining Services
Using Our CNC Machining Services

Using Our CNC Machining Services

At Cast Technologies, we provide high-quality custom parts to our clients efficiently and cost-effectively. Our experienced machine shop is a reliable supplier of machined metal components for all your production and prototype needs.

Our machine shop is a third-generation family-owned business that has been manufacturing for over 134 years. Our expertise allows us to complete even the most challenging and complex machined parts.

Our facility and skilled technicians have the manufacturing capabilities to service Fortune 500 companies nationwide while maintaining our high-quality assurance standard.

Custom Manufacturing Simplified

Ordering custom parts from our machine shop is fast and straightforward. We value our customers’ time and return quotes quickly to keep your process moving forward.

Our services can save you time thanks to our long-perfected production methods and skilled team members. Additionally, all the services we provide are completed in-house; we never use third-party vendors.

Online CNC Machining Process

Our online request and ordering process is streamlined and user-friendly. We prefer to speak with our customers directly instead of using long online forms, automated phone services, or third-party customer service.

Request A Quote

Complete the short form to request a quote, and we will begin reviewing your design and determining the cost of the machined parts. You may contact our team at any time to check the status of your request, modify your request, or submit an inquiry.

Our salespeople are responsive and knowledgeable to answer any questions or comments you may have regarding your order.

What We Need

To provide you with an accurate quote, we’ll need the following information:

  •     Material type (Stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic)
  •     Material requirements (quality needs)
  •     The design (3D model and 2D prints)
  •     Part weight
  •     Estimated annual usage or purchase lots
  •     Your deadline for our quote

Once we have returned your quote and you want to get started, you will be assigned a team member for direct contact. Our open and direct line of communication allows us to serve your more accurately and in accordance with our predetermined deadlines.

How It Works

Our state-of-the-art CNC machines are automated and use digital instructions to guide the CNC machine through the design. Our experienced machinists program and operate the tools that are controlled by computer automation. We focus on quality control and consistency to produce high-quality metal or plastic parts.

At the project’s completion, customers are notified and sent information on their machined parts and their delivery.

Our In-House CNC Machines

At Cast Technologies, we are able to combine services to complete multiple project elements all in one place. We do not send out any work to other machine shops. We not only have complete CNC machine capabilities, but we are a full-service foundry with brass and bronze casting, aluminum sand casting, sheet metal fabrication, and 3D printing capacity.

Experience. Expertise. Quality Control.

Completing all of our projects in-house allows us optimal quality control. That way, we can better control the timeline of production, the supply chain, material quality, and production quality, and use only skilled and reliable team members. This results in completed projects of higher quality, more quickly, and with less hassle to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are CNC Machining Services?

Computer Numerical Control machining (CNC) is a manufacturing process that uses pre-programmed computer software to automate high-speed tools and machinery. This process is used to cut or shape designs from metal and plastic.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Something CNC Machined?

Our work is highly customized, and we take several factors into account when providing pricing quotes, including materials, labor, design difficulty, type of machine used, and more. Contact us today to receive an estimate for your custom design or upcoming project.

How Much Does It Cost For CNC Cutting?

Projects are billed per hour of work, and the hourly rate is largely based on the type of machine used for that project. 3-axis CNC milling machinery costs less than 4-axis or 5-axis CNC milling machining because they are cheaper and simpler to operate.

The operator’s hourly pay is also a contributing factor to the customer’s hourly rate, along with the complexity and size of the design, time deadline, and more.

Is Machining Cheaper Than Casting?

Computer Numerical Control machining is more cost-effective for prototyping and low-volume parts, while casting is more economical for high-volume productions.

Contact Us To Get Started!

Give us a call at (309) 676-2157 or request a free quote today for more information on how we can help bring your vision for your next project to life with our CNC machine, metal casting, 3D printing, or sheet metal fabrication services.

We look forward to discussing your next project with you!