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Morton Manufacturing Made Easy: Cast Technologies Delivers

Cast Technologies is proud to be Morton’s leading provider of casting and machining solutions. As a vertically integrated foundry and machine shop, we’ve been serving the Morton community since our founding in 1887. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures we can handle even your most demanding projects. From concept to completion, Cast Technologies is your one-stop shop for success in Morton.

Casting Technology & Engineering

Our Morton-based engineering team boasts expertise in casting design analysis and modeling with Solidworks software. This collaborative approach allows us to optimize your parts for manufacturability, ensuring they meet your specific needs while minimizing production costs.

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Machine Shop

Located right here in Morton, our state-of-the-art machine shop is equipped to tackle all your machining challenges. Our skilled machinists utilize advanced equipment to transform raw materials into finished products that meet your exact specifications.

CNC Machining

For intricate parts and complex designs, look no further than our advanced CNC machining capabilities in Morton. This technology allows for exceptional accuracy and repeatability, guaranteeing consistent quality and reduced production times for your Morton projects.

CNC Milling

Need tight tolerances and intricate details? Our Morton-based CNC milling centers are the answer. These machines can create even the most complex features and geometries on your parts, making them ideal for demanding applications in Morton’s manufacturing sector.

Metal Casting | Aluminum Casting, Brass Casting, Bronze Casting

Cast Technologies is Morton’s largest aluminum, brass, and bronze foundry. We specialize in sand casting, offering both green sand and no-bake processes to accommodate a wide range of casting sizes and complexities for your Morton-based projects.

Sand Casting | Green Sand Casting

A cost-effective and versatile method, green sand casting is ideal for producing a variety of metal parts. Here in Morton, we utilize this time-tested process to deliver high-quality, budget-friendly solutions for all your casting needs.

Let Cast Technologies be your partner for superior casting and machining services in Morton, IL. Contact us today to discuss your project!