Our ability to pour 33 different brass and bronze alloys sets us apart from many of our competitors. We have invested in the environmental equipment to safely and responsibly pour leaded materials.

Cast Technologies is one of the first foundries to successfully pour low leaded brass (CA 1935) and we have been pouring the alloy since its inception. Our stringent controls are in place to maintain a physical separation between the ladles and liners used to produce “no lead brass” and those used for other alloys.

Almost our entire copper based product is produced in our Green Sand foundry. Molding options include:

Hunter 14″ x 19″ HMP 10 molding machine: This is the workhorse of the industry. Like the Sintos, it features quick pattern changes and feeds an automated pallet line.

Sinto 20″ x 24″ FBO molding machines: The larger plate size accommodates bigger parts than the Hunter. However, like the Hunter, pattern changes are quick. We have two Sintos which feed automated pallet lines.

Osborne 39″ x 32″ Cope and Drag molding line: These jolt/squeeze manual molding machines make large green sand molds which are fed onto a manual pallet line.

Pouring for all lines is done with a hooded ladle on an overhead track system.

Brass Elbow