There are a number of ways to produce an aluminum casting. By focusing exclusively on sand casting, we are not forced to divide our attention among various processes and various gating techniques.

As the largest aluminum sand foundry in Illinois, Cast Technologies has the production muscle to produce a wide range of castings – sizes ranging from under one pound to hundreds of pounds.

We have two foundries producing aluminum sand castings.

Green Sand

  • 6 furnaces with collection and 100,000 lbs. per day capacity.


  • (2) 20″ x 24″ Sinto FBO automated molding machines feeding 2 automated pallet lines
  • 14″ x 19″ Hunter HMP10 automated molding machine feeding an automated pallet line
  • Osborne 29″ x 32″ Cope & Drag manual molding machines feeding a manual pallet line
  • (3) Remote control crane ladle system to all 4 mold lines for aluminum and brass

Core Making:

  • (2) Palmer mixer/blower core making machines
  • Redford Carver blower core making machine
  • (2) Demmler hotbox core making machines
  • Harrison hotbox core making machine

No Bake

  • 8 furnaces total with 2 melting/pouring furnaces
  • Remote control crane with heated ladle system


  • Kloster 300lbs/min mixer feeding a roller conveyor line
  • Kloster 1000lbs/min mixer feeding floor molding line

Core Making:

  • Palmer 50lbs/min mixer core making machine

At Cast Technologies, we can machine and pressure test in-house.

Oil Pan

Flywheel Housing